2001 Ford Escort Maf Location

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When these conditions are compared and analyzed, the technician relies on their classroom training escorh understand which component to test. Once one or more components are suspected of failure, the servicing technician will begin testing with the most likely component, until the issue has been verified through testing. How is a mass airflow sensor replaced? Replacing the MAF sensor is generally quick and easy. The sensor will typically be on or adjacent to the intake air tube, and the fastener may be a screw or clip.

How To: Clean The MAF Sensor

Once the sensor is replaced, the technician will review sensor data, and confirm the issue forv been resolved. There may be a new part 0201 for the mass airflow sensor, which can be a redesigned part that fixes known flaws. Aftermarket sensors may not have these benefits. What to look out for when dealing with mass airflow sensor issues There is a common misconception that when an OBD trouble code is read, the component listed in the code should simply be replaced. This isn't always true, and can lead to expensive and unnecessary repairs. Now, it's time for an important note. You see that big red aerosol can?

This is the only thing you should use to clean your MAF. No windex, no carb cleaner, no brake cleaner, no rubbing alcohol, and no Q-Tips. Open the hood and locate your air box. If you can't find it Open the airbox and move the assembly up to give you room to work. Locate the plug on the bottom and move the grommet down to give you room. Take the flathead screwdriver and pop the four tabs holding the assembly in.

Reach in and disconnect the wiring harness from the 20001. Don't rip the wires or anything! Locate the MAF and remove the two screws holding it in. Spray the living daylights out of the wires. Do NOT touch them. Those wires are very small and delicate. If you break one of them